Racking Periodical Maintenance

The new maintenance service was created to support the client and the final users in the maintenance of our racking. Many times, after installation, the new racking is forgotten and neglected by the warehouse manager, not thinking that the lack of maintenance could decrease its safety and functionality.

  • Our contracts can be personalized based on single requirements, including solutions that go from only the verification of correct installation (that is supplied free of charge at the completion of all assemblies) to periodical verification contracts that could last several years.

  • These service includes the issue of a certificate of competency, valid as proof of the correct maintenance of the racking. It can be displayed in the case of inspections by the authorities assigned to safety in the workplace ( USL,VVF, ISPETTORATO DEL LAVORO)

To this add the legislative decree 81/08,  that considers the structures like industrial racking to be work equipment that must enforce the requirements listed in dpr 547/55 e dlgs. 626/94 art.34. This maintenance must be carried out and be documented in the case of inspection visits carried out by the nominated agencies. In response to the need for companies to have specialized personnel nominated for the periodic controls of their systems, we have intervened by supplying this type of intervention and supporting the companies in carrying out these law-imposed verifications.

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