CANOVA srl is equipped with new machinery that guarantees a highly professional service of powder painting.
The untreated pieces, before being loaded into the machine, will be subjected to a quality control. Those found to be not in compliance with be rejected or rectified.
The pieces positioned on the aerial transporter will begin the pretreatment phase, entering the washing tunnel where phosphating (alcaline degreasing), two chemical rinses and a rinse with demineralized water will be done. They will then go into the oven to dry.
Successively the pieces with go to the painting phase which is done in special rooms. Here, with the use of robotic regulators, the resins that thermoset in elettrostatic camps, deposit and fasten themselves to the pieces.
The painted piece enters the oven in which, at a temperature between 180 ° C and 200 ° C, the powder polymerizes. When the piece exits the oven, it will be covered by a thermosetting, thick and resistant cover. Finally, the painted material goes through quality control, is labelled and is stocked.

In summary, the painting process:

  • Removal of the pieces from the warehouse.

  • Verification of the procedures.

  • Equipment of the rooms with reciprocators and manual pistols.

  • Quality control of the pieces for painting suitability.

  • Loading of the pieces on the chain

  • Washing of the pieces:
    – Phosphating (50 °C)
    – 2 chemical rinses
    – 1 rinse with demineralized water.

  • Drying in the oven and additional checking of the pieces.

  • Automatic painting and verification with eventual manual touch-ups.

  • Cooking of the paint at 180-200 °C.

  • Final quality control.

  • Labelling.

  • Storage in the warehouse.

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